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About R&D Unit

It is composed of pharmaceutical team, R&D planning team, analysis team, and business development team and our excellent researchers are committed to developing products that can be sold in well-developed countries by promoting research projects focusing on various incrementally modified drugs.

Formulation research team Development of new pharmaceutical technology/new formulations
  • Prescription of new product formulations and development and research of processes
  • Process scale-up research and technology transfer
R&D planning team New project planning/project management
  • Planning and management of development projects
  • Intellectual property management
  • Planning and management of non-clinical trials which has been consigned
Analysis team Development of standards and testing methods
  • Analysis of raw materials and development of analysis methods
  • Method validation of analysis methods and technology transfer
  • Stability test
Business development team Alliance/licensing
  • Search for promising new domestic and overseas products, and reviewg marketability/business feasibility
  • Selecting new items to be introduced and signing partnership contracts
  • Signing out-licensing contracts with global pharmaceutical companies and managing business partners

About Medical Unit

The Medical Unit is composed of clinical team and medical team and it makes efforts to get the approval of Korean and foreign items, including the reviewing the introduction of products and the performance of clinical trials.

Clinical team Planning, performing and managing clinical trial projects
  • Performance and management of Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 clinical trials
  • Performance and management of observational studies and PMS
  • Performance and management of pharmacovigilance (PV)
Medical team Permits and licenses/National Health Insurance Prices
  • Licensing and pricing for domestic and overseas products introduced and developed by the company
  • Item authorization and drug pricing management